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Book an unforgettable experience!

Take a break from everyday life and rent a sauna raft in the archipelago together with friends, customers or employees. At our sauna raft we can offer a relaxing sauna bath with fantastic views!

The sauna raft is 15 sqm large for up to 10 people. The sauna is furnished with a large wood-burning Harvia stove and 2 generous lichens for maximum comfort.  

Our sauna raft is a total of 15 sqm inside, with two well-planned rooms consisting of atrium and sauna. 
The raft has plenty of space for groups of 8-10 people to bathe and socialize. 

You enter the spacious atrium through sliding glass doors that extend over the entire short side from floor to ceiling, which offers nice light and views to enjoy.  

The wood-fired sauna is spacious and comfortable for larger groups. The sauna is furnished with two generous sauna lavas and two extra windows for enjoying the view under the sauna bath.


Soap and shampoo are available to borrow.

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