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Toilet and shower

With us, simplicity is a big part of our concept, therefore we only have an outdoor shower and an outdoor toilet is available in the area. For the sensitive, there is a real toilet to borrow from our neighbor Lolo´s Seaside Café according to their opening hours.


For those who want, it is possible to book our sauna raft for swimming and sauna. Soap and shampoo from Sjö & Hav can be borrowed. 

Dogs and children

We love dogs so they are of course welcome to selected tents as long as they are leashed and not lying in our beds.  

Our tents are adapted for 2 adults, we do not think it is appropriate for children under 10 to visit us. Many who visit us want to enjoy the silence and therefore we all ask to keep a normal noise level, this can be difficult for children. As the tents are placed very close to the sea with slippery rocks, the places can be dangerous for children.

- 160cm bed with warm duvets and pillows

- Wood burning stove

- Fire extinguisher

- Matches

- Towels

- Blankets

- Oil lamps and candles

- Games

- First aid kit

- Paper napkins

- Drinking water

- Water glass and wine glass

- Sun powerd electricity for lamps and mobil charging

- Table and 2 chairs

- Mirror

- Outdoor furniture

- Carpets

Before the visit

We recommend checking the weather forecast before your visit to be able to bring clothes according to the weather (eg any rainwear, boots, swimwear, warm sweater for the evening).

Put on comfortable shoes for the walk between the car and the tent, leave your heels at home.


There are no possibilities for preparation or heating of food. Therefore, we recommend eating at our neighbor Lolo´s Seaside Café. There are also other restaurants nearby, Restaurant Soltuna (6km), Havsvidden Resort (17km) and Grannas Bistro (18km). Drinks can not be bought on site, so bring what you want.  





Drinking water is available in the tents.


- Sandwich

- Yogurt with homemade granola

- Coffee

- Self-pressed apple juice from Snäckö Frukt

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